Pray for this outreach

The prayer of believers is an essential part to evangelism.  We desire your prayers before, during and after the event.

There are many needs to pray for:

 Prior to the event

1) The volunteers, band and evangelist are under spiritual and physical  attacks.  At Xclaimed Ministries, we have prepared our volunteers for such attacks, but no matter how prepared we are, it is still painful.

2) God wants us to reach the people with the Gospel of Christ.  Pray that many will arrive to the event and accept Christ as their Savior.  Satan will obviously try to detour people from the event, but pray that they are not distracted from hearing God's Word and that they respond to the invitation of Salvation.

During the event

People that come to these events need Christ.  Many do not attend church and this may be the only time they have ever heard the Word of God.  Pray during the event for people to respond to God's calling.

After the event

1) Pray for the people who have accepted Christ into their life.  Pray that they seek God's Word and that they attend a Christian church regularly so that they may be discipled and matured in the faith.

2) Pray for the ones who did not make a decision to follow Christ.  It may take days or years before they finally make a decision for Christ.  Pray that they remember that there is Hope in Jesus Christ.

3) Pray for the volunteers, band and evangelist.  After and event, there are the attacks of doing good.  Satan does not want us to be encouraged of the people we have reached with the Gospel, so he attacks us physically, spiritually, financially, etc.

We have a policy here at Xclaimed Ministries that has worked very well over the years.  Satan loves to take the Glory away from God's great work and it usually happens just following an event.  He causes people to grumble and complain at each other.  For the first week after and event, no one is to discuss any negative issues about happenings at an event.  We take that week to give all the Glory to God's amazing work and rejoice in the souls that were won for Christ.  There is always time to correct things for our future events, but first we thank and praise God.

Thank you for being a great big part of this outreach ministry!