Xclaimed Ministries' Focus on Outreach

Xclaimed Ministries is an outreach ministry with a great desire to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world, especially to the poor.  We schedule many events throughout each year which enables us to connect directly with the people within the community and assist them with their specific needs.  We are dedicated to bringing the full body of Christ to the community.

We have found an avenue to help families with toys, clothes, food and other physical needs as we also preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The results are undeniable.  People are hearing the Word of God and seeing the church (God's people) actively involved in doing His work and lives are changed.

People tell us that the reason they chose to get involved and support Xclaimed Ministries is because they could actually see the results.  A recent comment from someone who heard about the ministry from a friend said, "I began to support this ministry because I could see people's lives change. I can see where my investment is going and what it is accomplishing."