Our Mission Field is Here

I believe that there are missionaries specifically called to go to far away lands and help people in need and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I don't believe everyone has the calling to be a missionary and take on such a challenge. A missionary that is called to leave his/her own country and family to go to a foreign land must have specific gifts from God to truly be successful. I also do not believe that everyone is called to preach.

However, I do believe that everyone is called to help locally, within their own community, their own backyard. We have a term that we use in our ministry called "Local Missions". It means that we go into the community offering assistance and help to the ones in need.

Not everyone knows of a family that lives inside a car, small motel room, or even out on the streets; but we all know someone in need. God puts us in a place that we can help that person. Who can you help this week? Listen to someone's story, let them talk and be heard. Help someone carry their groceries or buy their groceries. Pay for someone's gas this week. Shake someone's hand. Say good morning to a stranger. Really freak someone out - wave and smile! Make someone feel good.