Wilson Park event (update)

An amazing response on Saturday at Wilson Park. It was our first "Concert in the Park" in Torrance and by what we heard, it may have been the first of any church. One lady said that she has lived across the street from the park for many years and has never seen a church do anything like this. Others made similar comments, mostly that they had never seen a church give away so much free stuff. Literally, people tried to give us money while we were giving out toys. We would reply each time, "Nothing is for sale; it's all free." One lady apologized for crying, because she was so moved by what Xclaimed Ministries was doing for the children. She said,"Besides the toys, I witnessed so many children come to forward to pray and ask Christ into their life. This is so wonderful."


There was a great response to the invitation to accept Christ into their life. One gentleman told me that he was just taking a walk with his family and they heard the band so they sat on the grass to listen. His entire family came forward to renew their life in Christ. He said that it has been a long time since he has been to church and that this event reminded him that he and his family needed to start getting back to church and reading the Bible. Over 107 Children received free toys, around 200+ cheeseburger meals were given away and the Gospel of Jesus Christ could be heard throughout the park.

This was one of the most expensive events that we have done in a long time, and it was further distance from our location than we have been in a long time as well. That may be why it drew so much skepticism. The most asked questions were, "Why do you do it?" and "Why Torrance?" It isn't that complicated, people need to hear about Jesus Christ. If we don't deliver the Message; who will? In the end, people got saved - that's why we do it!