Xclaimed Ministries TV update

About a month ago, I was researching LIVE broadcasts on YouTube. I ran across a few channels that had 600+ viewers during their broadcast. Then they would drop to 450 or so within minutes and then back up to over 600. I remember thinking that we would be happy to just have 50 or so viewing. Tonight may have been a one-time thing; who knows? But it sure was awesome to have 320+ people viewing our broadcast at once. For the first few minutes, we were about to restart the software because we thought there was a glitch or something. Then the numbers kept moving and we realized it was for real. Up until a few minutes ago, we still had people viewing our 24/7 broadcast. We will be broadcasting our Stanton Lighthouse service tomorrow morning on Xclaimed Ministries TV. We will see how that works out. Stay Tuned.