Support Evangelism and Outreach

Since 1990, the percentage of unchurched adults in America has risen from 30% to 43% of the population. This is one reason why evangelism and community outreach is so vital to reaching the lost.
Xclaimed Ministries takes the Good News of Jesus Christ to the unchurched. We go inside communities and public venues reaching thousands of people who may have never walked into a church - ever. We offer Hope to people who are hopeless. Our event based ministry has reached over 39,000 people in Southern California and over 8% have accepted a life of Hope through Jesus Christ. Sharing Hope; that's what we do.
Your opportunity to get involved: We are in need of a mobile stage. With this unit, we can take evangelism to many more communities. We currently have 7+ additional park locations where we can utilize this mobile stage (right away).
Donate as little as $1.00 and help us spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unchurched.
Thank you to our current sponsors! You have donated $6,100. towards the 30,000 needed for the mobile stage!!!!.