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Stanton Lighthouse Church continual broadcast on YouTube and Facebook. Connecting with the community and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Bible teachings, study and worship all online 24/7. We have designed this broadcast to fit any lifestyle schedule. Not everyone can attend a church service or Bible Study on Sundays and Wednesdays. We designed a […]

Prayer is our Secret Weapon

Praying for each other is a great gift that God has given us. Prayer is a direct conversation with God that we can do continually. Many times we worry about our family and friends who are going through life’s battles. We often feel helpless in these situations. As a true believer in Jesus Christ, God’s […]

Free Gift of Salvation – It’s about your response

What is the free gift of Salvation? God’s free gift of salvation is through Jesus Christ. That seems to be simple to understand, until we think about who it includes. Who can receive this free gift of salvation? What if a person has an extremely evil and wicked past, can that person still experience this […]

Be Angry, Sin not

Christians are called to live a different life than the rest of the world. Christ gave us a great example to live by, yet we see many Christians living their life extremely different than the one that Christ set before us. The Bible tells us that we become a new creation once we become followers […]

4 Works of the Holy Spirit

Terry, his uncle Larry, and his cousin Ted are heading to a 4 thousand acre ranch to go turkey hunting. A fire (Oklahoma 2018) almost spoils their plans, but it is at least 50 miles away, so the expedition continues. Ande, Terry’s wife, is concerned about the fire and calls to make sure that the […]

Unstoppable Love!

We have all done something in our past that we regret. Many times it results in unbearable shame and guilt, especially when we have hurt someone else. As teenagers, many of us have said hateful things to our parents, that we often regret later on. Roberta had a disease that dis-formed her body and caused […]

Enjoy! Then Praise God

Have you ever forgotten to pray before you eat a meal? There’s a Bible verse for that! It may not be what you are expecting though. God actually tells the people to go and enjoy the land that He has given them, eat the wonderful food that He has provided and then praise Him for […]

Strive to be a Healthy Christian

My wife and I went on a trip to an island that was known for where sea turtles would lay their eggs. In addition to seeing turtles lay their eggs, we also get to hand-release newly hatched turtles into the ocean for the first time. The survival rate of these turtles is fairly low and […]

Expectation VS God’s Plan

For about three years, the disciples followed Jesus Christ and then they witnessed him die on a cross. Can you imagine the let-down they must have felt as the one that they believed would be their Savior is now dead and hanging on a cross? They had great expectations for what Jesus was going to […]

Doubting to Believing

The first disciples of Jesus Christ are great examples for us, not only in following Christ, but also in how Christ reacts to our failures. After three years of following Christ, the disciples still made some major mistakes, yet Christ loved and encouraged them even with the let-downs. This is great for us to understand […]

Be Born Again

Jesus tells us exactly what we must do to enter into Heaven. Eternity is where we all will exist after we die in this life. Some of us will enter into Eternity and live with the Father in Heaven. Not all will enter Heaven. It is time that we share the Good news with everyone; […]

Gathering Alligator Eggs

Robert volunteers to gather alligator eggs. Seriously? Who volunteers for this? Robert needed someone to help him, distract the momma alligators, so he called his own brother. All his brother had to do was tap the momma alligator on its snout with a long stick. LOL! This just seems like it would always end in […]

Even if God Doesn’t Rescue Me

What it must have been like to stand before Nebuchadnezzar and not bow as being requested. The three Hebrew boys loved their God and would not worship anyone or anything else. Their faith was evident in their stance against Nebuchadnezzar who had threatened them with death in the fiery furnace. No matter what the consequences, […]

God has a plan, just follow the dots

Getting stuck in Alabama was not what Danita and her husband had planned. In fact, it was just going to be a for a short business trip. Her production company had a gig for her in Alabama and then she would return home to Ohio. Did I mention she was 32 weeks pregnant? The babies […]

The Truth Will Make You Free

Lauren had a family secret that she hid for many years. It truly effected her life, but it wasn’t until she came to grips with the reality of her family past that led her to a life of freedom. John 8:32-38 NASB So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you […]

Was Jesus unable to heal the blind man?

Did Jesus fail on this miracle? I suppose it depends on who you ask and what they understand about God’s Word. At first glance, you could easily assess that Jesus may have had a problem with this miracle, but once you read the way that Mark placed this in order, it makes much more sense […]

Pirates, PTSD, & Prayer

Wren was diagnosed with PTSD. After several failed medical treatments, he began to search the internet for alternative treatments. He found a man that trains service animals specifically for people with PTSD. This could be the answer he was praying for, at least he hoped so. Philippians 4:6 (NASB) Be anxious for nothing, but in […]

Jesus Christ is the Difference

If you are going to follow Jesus Christ, it may be necessary to go through trials and tribulations because of your faith. To be a Christian, one must turn from sin and turn to Jesus Christ. It is a mind set on Christ instead of the former lifestyle lived in disobedience to God. The Bible […]

Learning to Trust God at His Word

In the Bible, God promised Abram a child. This seemed to be impossible, especially because of the age of Abram and his wife. God takes a long time to fulfill the promise, so Abram and his wife takes it upon themselves to figure out a way to help God with His promise. This became a […]